How to plan a small project


I’m about to come into the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Projects and I was wondering if there have been any FCC guides (or external anyone can recommend ) to help beginners plan a project using a template of sorts.

I know these are a comparatively small projects and it may seem like overkill, but I want to get into the ‘developer mindset’ from a project management perspective. Proper planning will hopefully alleviate some frustration when things don’t work out and allow me to follow more efficient methods of testing.

Hope this makes sense?


If you meant by project management, you should try trello. I used it a lot to keep track what I want to do. I really like it because how customizeable it is. You can add as many boards and todos as you want. And the best part is that its FREE. Here’s what it looks like.

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Thanks will give this a shot!

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