How to plan for the course

Hello, i have started this challenge today and am a bit confused . How best can I plan/approach the entire curriculum for the next 100days if at all it is possible. Am new to coding and ready to finish this program entirely up to Relational Database (Beta) certification. I know am supposed to do it chronologically but the amount of time and the amount of topics or subtopics to cover is the issue.

HI @JeffOnkundi !

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I am assuming you are referring to the 100 days of code challenge?
If so, the goal is not to jam in as many courses you can in 3 months.
That is not an efficient way to learn to code and you will create serious holes in your fundamental education.

The goal of 100 days of code is to code a little bit each day.
That can be 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, etc.
The goal is consistency and learning well.

Take your time learning,
Learn well.
Ask questions along the way.
Read articles and documentation on concepts you want more explanation on.
And build projects along the way.

That is the way to learn to code the correct way and actually build up the skill :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the clarification. At first i thought the developers of the program wanted one to learn everything within the 100 days. Now am settled.

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