How to Play Freecodecamp radio on the command line

Hello. No question here, I just wanted to share.

The FreeCodeCamp radio is very nice, but the browser itself (plus stream and animation) uses a lot of resources on a Raspberry Pi 3. So I looked for a command line solution to play this audio stream…

The first Google hit is this exact question, but unresolved: How to stream via CLI?

Since it’s too late to add an answer there, here is what you do:

  1. Install a lightweight http stream client like: GitHub - mpv-player/mpv: 🎥 Command line video player
  2. run: mpv [url]
  3. If needed you can get the mp3-stream URL from View Source.
    … ex: mpv

This works pretty good on Mac too (via ‘homebrew’). My fan no longer kicks in when playing. Hope this helps.

Original asker, FYI @jahway603
(603? Hey… another user in New Hampshire? :smiley: )

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