How to play in the flexbox's garden?

How to play in the flexbox's garden?
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Hi there,

I’m in my second project “Survey form” and I’m trying to do it with flexbox, just to get the hang of it.

I wanted my ‘p’ to be align to center
and the “#fname label” to get like 1/3 of the space and the “#fname input” 2/3
and the next row (email) the same.

Right now everything is scrambled…

This is my pen:


Click the “Flexbox” item in the navbar.


I look at your link and still don’t understand where I missed what.
What did I missed?
Isn’t the parent give the display: flex to his children? and when I give like- flex: 100px;
it suppose to get it because he’s inherit the display: flex already ?

Or something …