How to play MP3 in the background music automatically?

Howler.js is the perfect solution for this. Great documentation and super easy to use!

Hello everyone,
Could someone tell me how to make all this work in my wordpress?
I don’t have much programming knowledge.
I know how to put JS and CSS code with CODE SNIPPETS on my website.
I have created an HTML page with the code, a snippet with the CSS and another snippet with the JS and it doesn’t work for me.
I see the speaker button, but pressing does nothing.
Is any other library necessary on my website?
How would it be installed and where?

Thank you !

Hi @thekaligula!

Welcome to the forum!

I might help to create your own topic and ask your questions there since this topic hasn’t been active for a few months.

It would also help in that new topic if you included your code for the project you are working on.