How to PopOver correctly

Hey peepz,

Im about to do my first FCC Challenge and Im making progress, but got stuck with my PopOver Menu. My 4 PopOver Menu Buttons are there, but not functioning correctly. I added the JS term for them, but i dont know why its not working.
Besides of that I got a secondary Prob with my Albert Hofmann Picture and how do I center it with Bootstrap. I tried to figure it out by myself, looking up a few CHeat Sheets but anything related to images or centered content doesnt helps me.

Thanks in advance for helping me out.
cheers, Philypp :slight_smile:

ah, here my Pen:

You have to include the JQuery, Bootstrap 4 and the popper.js library in your Pen’s Javascript settings:

Make sure that you include the popper.js library before the Bootstrap library.