How to practice algorithms for JS?

Hello fellow programmers, am at the functional programming section in the curriculum but I didn’t quite understand the algorithm section that good. Any advice or other resource on how to understand it better and practice more on it. Thanks

Hey there,

I totally understand that functional programming is intimidating at first.

I think you will get a good amount of help by posting some examples and giving us your thoughts, then we can talk about it.

Looking forward to it.

I have heard of functional programming but I have never try it until now that am doing the FCC curriculum. I have done OOP before in college using C++ and Python. This is the first time I have ever done functional programming but I don’t know how to practice it along the the algorithm section. These two sections, am a little confuse. I hope you can understand what am trying to say.

Hey there,

you can practice it by solving the FCC lessons:

So what are you confused about?
Please give us an example.
Do you understand the terms?
Do you understand the explanations?
Are you able to solve the exercises?