How to practice coding effectively?

Hi everyone,

I searched a lot about learning code on Google and get same solution to good at coding: Practice, pratice and pratice.

But, i don’t know how to practice coding effectively ? Should i try to clone website like: Fiverr,
AirBnB… and learn new technique ?

And, How to find out what should to learn next ? I completed some courses but alway feel not confident.

Thank you.

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It sounds like you’re asking for direction in your studies rather than specifically knowing if what you’re coding is good.

Have you finished FreeCodeCamp? Do you ask for code reviews when you finish projects?

Have you looked through P1xt’s guides that have a plethora of resources and give you direction for your learning?

You could also try Chingu cohorts, where you work on a project with a team of motivated learners. They’re taking applications for the February cohort.



Don’t know if this will help but i’ve been in the tech industry for 4+ years and here is what I currently do.
I follow all the well known blogs in front-end development and create a lot of personal projects.

For JavaScript, I write a lot games, plain functionality to solve a problem. I also play with unit testing and any new JavaScript framework I fancy. React.js and Vue.js is quite popular, I’ve also had a go at Express.js, that’s good for getting your site up and running quickly. Once you’re quite comfortable with writing client/server side code, I look into learning Object Orientated principles and design patterns.

To learn CSS, i’ve been advised the best way is to “copycat” a website and by experience you become a lot better. I’m currently looking into CSS Grid and Flexbox at the moment, it’s quite exciting the possibilities.

Another good option is to attend conferences or meetups if there are any in your area to see what others are currently working on.

Hope this helps,



Hey Amy, you wouldn’t happen to have a few links to those blogs? I’d love to check them out :smile:

The sweet-spot is to find something challenging enough that you have to spend a third your time Googling but not too challenging that you don’t even have a clue how to get started and lose all motivation. But that doesn’t mean other practice projects are ineffective. Above all, find something you want to do. You COULD clone websites if that’s what you want to do, but if there’s something inside you that says “hey maybe I can do this fun little thing based on what I know” then by all means go for it and experiment. Not only does it solidify the concepts that you already know, but I guarantee you’ll run across challenges along the way and learn something new.


Yes no problem: here is a few

JavaScript - Kyle Simpson, stuff is very good!

Design patterns/Refactoring


I also like listening to JavaScript Jabber podcast and reading technical posts on Medium


You are awesome @csamywilliams, thanks so much!

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