How to present the Tribute Page?

I’m just starting on the tribute page assignment and want to make sure I get it right… right from the start. I notice that some people have links that take you to an actual web page while others just show theirs in CodePen. I want mine to show as a webpage. How is that done? It must be someplace in CodePen that gives you the needed link. Also, how about resolution of the graphic images? Any hints?

If you click on Editors in the upper right corner, you’ll see an option for Change View. You could also choose Debug.

So If I click on the "Direct Code Links: -> .html I will get a link for a page that will display?

Someone should really put this in the instructions for the challenge. They tell us not to look at the code people are using in their pages, yet many people are putting theirs up in such a way that is is pretty much unavoidable!

The direct code links will give you a link to just that code. What you’ll want is either the Full Page or Debug Mode views towards the top. Editor View is what you normally see, and that’s the one that people normally share. Full Page keeps the CodePen header up top, while Debug Mode is just the page you made. Try them out and see which one you like the best.