How to preview non-react website while working?

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Eheh it happened the same to me few times ago :stuck_out_tongue:
If you’re testing no-network stuff you can just open the file ( that behaviour with jQuery make me think there are other kind of problems^^).

If you do not want to setup webpack ( for the dev server ) you can use a simpler bundler (parcel is the first i can think of), otherwise there are a lot of packages that will serve your html; for example, in the same folder of your html you can write npx serve . and you are good to go :smiley:

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If you use Microsofts Visual Stuidio Code, there is an extension calledd Live Server which will refresh your browser everytime your code changes.

I still sorta like using a bundler like Webpack / Parcel for any JavaScript related stuff since I don’t like to stick allot of stuff into one single js file. I also use my own eslint-config and recently started using prettier which is quite nice.

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