How to proceed in my learning process?

Hello everybody,

I have a blog here where I sometimes post some stuff, but now I really need some advice. My current status is that I built some different websites and some funprojects, nothing special so far. I still struggle with some concepts of JavaScript like Promises/Callbacks and some Object/Class Manipulation.

In my daily job I work mainly with R, a little bit of python and even less Shell scripting where i rarely come in touch with the datastructures and functions used in JS. What should I do in your opinion?

  1. Learn Vanilla JS until I´m really good at it.
  2. Learn React
  3. Learn Node.js

I tend a bit towards Node.js because it would suit my skills in my job better and make me better in general, while React is something completely different. Or should I continue to work with vanilla JS?

Advice is very welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!

If you want to branch into web development, then I suggest getting comfortable with JavaScript first and foremost. Frameworks come and go, but as you move from one to the other, at the core this is about websites: JavaScript and HTML. That said, you point out that Node could integrate well with what you are already doing. If you have the opportunity to learn by actually trying to build things that you care about and understand, then that’s probably what I would pursue in your place.


Thank you. I dived into Andrew Meads course and did not get stuck so far. I guess setting up a webserver and connecting it to a database will help me a lot. So far I enjoy it :slight_smile:

I agree with @ArielLeslie. Learn the fundamentals first and then branch out to frameworks. This will give you a deeper understanding of what is going on and it better than the other way around.