How to pursue web development and instructional design?

I’m trying to move away from personally satisfying but grossly underpaid work as a classroom teacher. My ideal career is somewhere between a web developer and instructional designer. I’m wondering how best to prepare for a career that I don’t even know with certainty exists.

As a teacher, I’m a lover of lesson planning: figuring out how to present information in the most logical and engaging way. I think I’d love that in any context, classroom to corporate. However, I’ve also recently discovered coding and I love it: the satisfaction of working slowly through complex problems to concrete solutions. I’ve worked excitedly through mini courses on html, css and JavaScript.

I’m looking at coding bootcamps, intensive programs in web design or user experience and certificate programs in instructional design. I’d be grateful for any suggestions on a learning path, considering likely employability. For reference on that, I’m in the college town of a major research university, but not a big city.

Thanks in advance!!

There’s definitely a career out there for you! :slight_smile:

Maybe take a look at the emerging UX sub-field of Learning Experience Design (LXD):

Also, lots of great books listed at:

Many of those books act as a crossover between web and instructional design.

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Thank you, Phil! You’re on point with suggesting UX. On further research, I think I’m actually more inclined towards UX, with a solid base in front end web development.

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