How to push an object and draw it in my case?

So what I want to do is click a building I want to place then click at another place then it will draw it there. But it’s not working, and I have no clue why.
If you see board, it’s the thing that I’m adding all the buildings to to draw, its an object.
This is the draw code for drawing the buildings

    for(var i = 0; i>board.length;i++){

this is the code that adds the hospital mouseX and Y to the board

if(hospitalmouse === true && a === true) {
        a = false;
        hospitalmouse = false;
        temparray = [mouseX-35,mouseY-35]; = temparray;

When I try to “place” the building when I print the board it says, “[object Object]”
I’m very new to Processing Javascript and this is my first time ever asking a question. So if anything here seems odd, I apologize.