How to push my Celestial Database Project to GitHub from CodeAlly

Hi guys just finished my Celestial Universe Database project and struggling to push it to git from the CodeAlly virtual Environment, can anyone share some insight?

what steps have you followed?

I’ve tried using the source control tab and commiting from there, it asks for authentication by username and password but, the log says that remote support for authentication was removed in 2021?

Can’t find any other steps as described here:

Dump has been saved though.

" Important: After you pass all the project tests, save a dump of your database into a universe.sql file so you can complete step 2. There will be instructions how to do that within the virtual machine."

you need to copy manually the file, you can’t do it from inside codeally

How do I go about doing that? I tried downloading the .sql but download doesn’t even start?

I managed to get a solution and got it pushed.

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