How to Put a Profile Together (help me)

What is the problem?

    title FCC Advanced Node and Express
    meta(name='description', content='Profile')
    link#favicon(rel='icon', href='', type='image/x-icon')
    meta(http-equiv='X-UA-Compatible', content='IE=edge')
    meta(name='viewport', content='width=device-width, initial-scale=1')
    link(rel='stylesheet', href='/public/style.css')
  body FCC Advanced Node and Express
    //add your code below, make sure its indented at this level Welcome, #{username}!
    a(href='/logout') Logout
    script(src='', integrity='sha256-gvQgAFzTH6trSrAWoH1iPo9Xc96QxSZ3feW6kem+O00=', crossorigin='anonymous')

can you help me

Not really sure what your asking. Is this a pug template? You’ll get better faster help for an FCC Project by posting under the Project Feedback category. Or if it’s a node thing then posting under the Javascript category.