How to qualify for an HTML technical writing role?


I am new to coding, my background is in accounting. I am interested in a technical writing role in my current company, but they desire people who are good at “HTML coding-able to read and translate (at minimum)”. Hence me being here to learn HTML. However, even though I have personal experience with non technical writing, what does it take to be considered good at HTML and technical writing? I think the writing part itself, I can handle, I think. Then again, have never done a technical writing role before specifically.

I mean, this job wants people with 3 years of technical writing experience and the HTML skill, plus “Previous experience authoring in eGain or another knowledge tool is desired.” and “Researched knowledge of changes and enhancements in the software and technical feature documents”.

I want to do my best to be prepared to apply for this job, one day. Any insight onto how I can prepare now to show off later that I can handle HTML and technical writing? Thanks.

These are two different skills. We can’t help you with technical writing, which is its own field and has its own skills and standards. I might pick up Technical Writing for Dummies to start. If you are a good writer and have a technical mindset, they might be willing to give you a go. But it sounds like they want some specific experience with specific software.

HTML is something we teach here. The Responsive Web Design is a great introduction into HTML and CSS.

If it’s in your current company, why not reach out to one of the technical writers there and see what they think?

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Yes, sounds good, will do. Thanks.

Yeah, almost done with the Basic HTML component. I intend to use the course as a talking point if/when I interview for the role.

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