How To: Question for CSS

Hi everyone, I have a quick question. What am I missing here?

I’m trying to make the underscore _ blink, does anyone know what i did wrong or missing here to make it blink?

.blink {
-webkit-animation: blink 1s infinite;
-moz-animation: blink 1s infinite;
animation: blink 1s infinite;
@-webkit-keyframes #{blink}
@-moz-keyframes #{blink}
@-ms-keyframes #{blink}
@keyframes #{blink}

0% {
opacity: 0}
50% {
opacity: 1}
100% {
opacity: 0}

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<h1>text<span class="blink">_</span></h1>

try looking into this article from mdn, see if this is useful, happy reading :slight_smile: @keyframes - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN

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