How to quickly prepare for the interview?

Hi everyone
I am having interview in the coming days in the I am not a CS graduate and not my major is in CS. but I have experience and coded for many years. I still think the interview will be very hard and tough. I don’t know to prepare good for it. I am afraid what will happen if I fail the interview :worried:
If that happens my dream will end :cry:
I got my full stack certificate from freecodecamp and I really learned a lot and I believe FCC is a great platform for learning to code either I should start coding interview section of FCC to prepare for the interview or hackerrank or leetcode or improve my algorithms and data structures and big O… I am confused … can anyone help me in this regard… I have to prepare well in less time

I’d recommend looking up what you can for the company your applying for, at least to give you an idea of what to expect from other people who have gone through the process. If you can’t find this information, I’d take a rough guess and just take a general route for a similar company, or “tougher” company and practice against that.

If you don’t do well in the interview you might not get the job. That shouldn’t actually scare you that much, if it does I’d take a pause and analyze your own feelings about the situation.

Odds are you the universe will not end if you do not get the job.
You will keep living and breathing, and the sun will still rise and set.
You will keep applying to other jobs.
You will keep getting interviews if you keep applying.
You may even fail more interviews, and continue the process.

It’s easy to put a lot of weight on the process, as it can be very important depending on your situation. However putting enormous amounts of pressure on yourself doesn’t actually improve your chances and just stresses you out. It’s one thing if this was a life and death situation, but its not. If you fail the interview, a lion doesn’t jump out from your monitor and eat you. You just end up having to go thru the process again, a little roughed up, but a little wiser and more experienced. Just understand the feelings you have are natural, but at a certain point they don’t help you much and can easily help tank your chances if they get the better of you.

It’s not that you want to have 0 emotion going into the process, as some of it can be used to drive you to succeed. But to much of anything can be a bad thing, too much pressure on a single job for a single interview to the point you feel like the world is crashing down on you might not be helpful to your overall mindset and mental state. Being able to acknowledge the situation as one where you might be putting to much weight on your shoulders to the point you weigh yourself down is the first step in getting back into the best mindset possible. If anything it makes you aware of your current feelings and mindset, so even if you can’t keep it under control, and do end up freaking out due to all the pressure your putting yourself in, the next interview can go smoother with that experience.

So learn what you can about the process you are about to enter and go from there. Do your best to learn and prepare for the interview with the time you have until it arrives. Most importantly, approach the interview as rationally as possible, rather than as emotional as possible. See it as an opportunity to learn and possibly get further in your job hunt process. Don’t see it as a life ending/world busting/life or death situation, as that can easily change your emotional state and degrade your own performance as you end up in a “flight or fight mode” rather than an as rational-as-can-be mindset.

Obviously we aren’t machines and its possible you still will feel some emotion about the pressure and thats OK. Just try your best, do your best and understand thats all you can do. Whatever happens you gain some experience, in life and in the proccess and see where that takes you.

Life is just as much about the journey as it is the destination, enjoy the journey as much as possible. :slight_smile:

Good luck, keep learning, keep building

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Congratulations on your upcoming interview! It may go well, or it may not. Everyone interviews for more jobs than they get, so try not to conflate the success of one interview with your success.

In terms of preparing, that’s tough to give advice about because technical interviews vary so widely these days. In all honesty, I recommend asking what to expect from the interview. This feels like a pretty ballsy move, but I’ve always had positive reactions to it. They don’t exactly give me a study guide but can often tell me who I’ll be talking to and what format the interview will be.

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