How to raise my rate in the web development freelance works?

Hi everyone,

I am doing part time freelance web development works besides my job. I get a small amount of time to enrich my freelance career so much. I am trying to make a freelance job as a permanent one. But, as the payments are not so big, I am waiting for the time when the payments will be equal to my daily job.

The problem is- I got a couple of freelance works at UpWork but they are of the low budget. As I wasn’t getting works at first, I bid to almost everything. I did 5$ work too. This 5$ or 50$ won’t help me to afford my bread. But, all 100$ or 200$ or more payments are so hard to get. Even sometimes I see 50-50+ applicants on those.

In that busy highway, how can I get away? Should I build a strong portfolio and wait for completing it and then bid? Or, should I continue doing low budget works and move ahead with that?

Hi I am also a freelance developer …

Starting as a freelancer can bit of struggle initially. Your salary increases as you gain more experience.

Networking and making connections with freelance developers and clients is also important. They can bring you more opportunities.

Maintain good relationships with clients. If they like your work and your behavior. They will send you more clients.

Word of mouth referrals are one of the best ways to bring more opportunities. But it takes time.