How to read individual values from an object fetch from api in React react

  const getCity = async (e) => {
    const cityName =;
    const api_call = await fetch(`${process.env.REACT_APP_WEATHER_API_KEY}&q=${cityName}&details=true`);
    const data = await api_call.json();

after adding object to set Country I can see it from use State when i try console.log(country) but cannot access some values for example I have inside Geo Position object with Latitude when I try with get Latitude with country. Geo Position. Latitude error is Latitude is undefined. When I set in state `country. Geo Position i can access to value Latitude but i have x object and i need from some object just one value. Is there any way I can access the data from the object without having to put each one individually in set State???