How To Receive a Better Response on The freeCodeCamp Forum

Hey everyone! I hope you all are learning and benefiting from everything that freeCodeCamp has to offer.

This forum has grown so much and people all around the world use it to get feedback for projects, get feedback for coding issues/problems, etc.

So, created a video in the past but decided to creat an article this time. I wrote an article that will help you all receive a better response for the questions that you ask. I feel like it will shed light on helping you all receive a better response with any type of question that you ask not just on this forum but other resources that you may use.

This is a medium article but you don’t have to worry about being a member of medium because the link I am sharing is a friend link! cheers :slight_smile:


Good stuff, @michaelhenderson!

I actually wrote something looking at this from the other perspective a while back (i.e. how to ANSWER questions well):

The tl;dr of my article is: Don’t just hand people solutions; understand their context (where they are in their learning journey) and help them take the next step towards success.


Jackson, I am definitely sharing your article. You always have useful information!

Also, thanks for the comment :grinning: