How to Reference Sources Used

Hello, all!

I’m in the process of doing the certification projects for the Responsive Web Design Certification.

I’m looking at the guidelines for the Technical Documentation Page project which says to create a page similar to the example one that freeCodeCamp shows for JavaScript Documentation. When looking for ideas on what topic to provide instruction or reference on, I saw on the freeCodeCamp Forum that many freeCodeCamp users simply use the example provided by freeCodeCamp (JavaScript Documentation) or they choose to provide a technical documentation page for other programming languages like Java, HMTL, CSS, etc. The only thing to ensure is that users provide the reference/source where they get the information from to complete the project.

My question, thus, is: how do I provide the reference for the source?

I was thinking that I could just write a comment in the CSS file such as this example:

/* freeCodeCamp. (2023). JS Documentation. Retrieved from LINK*/

Thank you all in advance!

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