How to regex this string into a list?

Hello Interent,
I need help with a string wich I want to regex into a list. The problem is, I dont know how.

Has someone an Idea to how to regex this string into a list?

The string:

google (2.0.3)                         - Python bindings to the Google search engine.
bits-google (1.12.17)                  - BITS Google
oauthkit-google (0.1.2)                - OAuthKit for Google
google-reauth (0.1.0)                  - Google Reauth Library
google-common (0.0.1)                  - Google namespace package
google-colab (1.0.0)                   - Google Colaboratory tools
google-auth (1.11.2)                   - Google Authentication Library
  INSTALLED: 1.7.0
  LATEST:    1.11.2
google-endpoints (4.8.0)               - Google Cloud Endpoints
google-oauth (1.0.1)                   - OAuth2 for Google APIs
google-gax (0.16.0)                    - Google API Extensions
google-finance (0.1.0)                 - Google Finance API
magic-google (0.2.8)                   - A google search results crawler
google-analytics (0.0.0)               - A google analytics client library
google-music (3.3.0)                   - A Google Music API wrapper.
google-translate (0.01)                - Google Translate API reverse-engineered from chromium and google translate
google-cloud (0.34.0)                  - API Client library for Google Cloud
google-search (1.0.2)                  - Library for scraping google search results
dojo-google (0.0.21)                   - Dojo transforms using Google APIs.
google-oauth2l (1.0.2)                 - command-line google oauth tools
tapioca-google (0.1)                   - google API wrapper using tapioca
google-documents (0.0.8)               - Python package to work with Google Documents
google-ads (4.1.1)                     - Client library for the Google Ads API
requests-google (0.0.7)                - A simple google related Parsing Package.
google-crc32c (0.0.1)                  - A python wrapper of the C library 'Google CRC32C'
google-alerts (0.2.8)                  - Abstraction to manage Google Alerts from code
google-actions (1.0.0)                 - Client library for Actions on Google using python
google-jwt (0.1.0)                     - JWT Verification for Google issued JWT tokens, using Googles Well-Known
                                         OpenID Configurations and public keys.
gapic-google-longrunning (0.11.2)      - GAPIC library for the Google Google API
google-env (0.4.0)                     - Script to populate .env file from a Google Sheet
google-sign (0.0.2)                    - Calculate sign string for google translate and baidu translate
google-speech (1.1.0)                  - Read text using Google Translate TTS API
Google-Search-API (1.1.14)             - Search in google
google-appengine (1.5.1)               - Google AppEngine (unofficial easy-installable version of AppEngine SDK)
easy-google-docs (0.0.8)               - Additional functionality for the google-api-python-client centered around
                                         Google Docs and Google Sheets
search-google (1.2.1)                  - A command line tool and module for Google API web and image search.
google-streetview (1.2.9)              - A command line tool and module for Google Street View Image API.
google-trans (2.4.0)                   - Free Google Translate API for Python. Translates totally free of charge.
google-iap (1.0.7)                     - A tool for to manage Identity-Aware Proxy policy google cloud platform
dash-google-auth (0.1.2)               - Dash Google Auth
openerp-google-docs (7.0.406)          - Google Docs integration
google-python-sdk (1.0.0)              - Python Google API
google-compute-engine (2.8.13)         - Google Compute Engine
google-tr-free (0.0.6)                 - google translate for free
google-search-cli (0.0.5)              - google search cli
google-auth-oauthlib (0.4.1)           - Google Authentication Library
  INSTALLED: 0.4.1 (latest)
google-api-rdw (0.0.2)                 - Connect to the google api
django-google-auth2 (0.0.8)            - django-google-auth2 project is demo application for google auth
sentry-auth-google (0.2.0)             - Google authentication provider for Sentry
sentry-sso-google (1.2)                - Google SSO support for Sentry
google-ads-stubs (1.0.0)               - Type stubs for google-ads
simple-google-vision (0.3)             - Unofficial helpers for Google Vision
django-google-auth (0.4.0)             - google-auth support for django
django-google-dfp (0.1a2)              - Template tags for Google DFP.
kallithea-auth-google (1.0.6)          - Kallithea google auth plugin
django-google-storage (0.3)            - Django storage for Google Storage
google-calendar-helper (0.3)           - Helper for Google Calendar API
django-google-oauth (1.0.4)            - Django Integration for Google+ OAuth2
dash-google-charts (0.0.2)             - Google Charts for Plotly Dash
google-cloud-logger (0.2.1)            - Google Cloud Logger Formatter
rasahub-google-calendar (0.3.2)        - Rasa connector for Google Calendar
scrap-google-images (1.0.0)            - scrap/download google images
google-site-verification (0.0.4)       - django-google-site-verification
google-api-wrapper (2.0.0a1)           - Simple wrapper for Google APIs
o2-google-spreadsheet (0.4)            - Google Spreadsheet helper file
pydata-google-auth (0.3.0)             - PyData helpers for authenticating to Google APIs
python-google-url (0.5)                - A python wrapper for google-url project
google-assistant-library (1.0.1)       - Google Assistant Library Python wrapper
flask-google-signin (0.0.7)            - A personal package for google sign-in service.
alkivi-google-client (1.0.5)           - Google python client used at Alkivi
google-ngram-downloader (4.0.1)        - The streaming access to the Google ngram data.
google-music-scripts (4.2.0)           - A CLI utility for interacting with Google Music.
google-assistant-grpc (0.2.1)          - Google Assistant API gRPC bindings
k8s-google-authenticator (1.0.2)       - Kubernetes Google OpenID authentication helper
google-services-helper (1.0.3)         - google api helper for vedavaapi project
google-auth-httplib2 (0.0.3)           - Google Authentication Library: httplib2 transport
  INSTALLED: 0.0.3 (latest)
google-cloud-bigquery (1.24.0)         - Google BigQuery API client library
google-cloud-ndb (1.0.1)               - NDB library for Google Cloud Datastore
google-assistant-sdk (0.5.1)           - Samples and Tools the Google Assistant SDK
google-scholar-scraper (0.2)           - Python library for scraping Google Scholar.
google-drive-api (0.0.4)               - Python library for Google Drive API
google-api-core (1.16.0)               - Google API client core library
python-google-shopping (0.1)           - Python client for Google Shopping API
google-api-helper (0.3.1)              - Python helper class to streamlime interaction with Google APIs. Based on
openerp-google-base-account (7.0.406)  - Google Users
django-google-authenticator (0.5)      - A Django app adding Google Authenticator feature
google-cloud-storage (1.26.0)          - Google Cloud Storage API client library
certbot-dns-google (1.2.0)             - Google Cloud DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot
google-cloud-translate (2.0.1)         - Google Cloud Translation API client library
google-place-id (0.1.2)                - Compare the place based on google place id
google-cloud-container (0.4.0)         - Google Container Engine API client library
google-cloud-dataproc (0.6.1)          - Google Cloud Dataproc API client library
google-cloud-firestore (1.6.2)         - Google Cloud Firestore API client library
google-cloud-core (1.3.0)              - Google Cloud API client core library
google-cloud-build (0.1.0)             - Google Cloud Build API client library
google-cloud-bigtable (1.2.1)          - Google Cloud Bigtable API client library
google-json-style (0.1.1)              - Create Google JSON Style response bodies
google-measurement-protocol (1.0.0)    - A Python implementation of Google Analytics Measurement Protocol
google-cloud-speech (1.3.2)            - Google Cloud Speech API client library
google-cloud-runtimeconfig (0.30.0)    - Google Cloud RuntimeConfig API client library
lektor-google-analytics (0.1.3)        - Adds support for Google analytics to Lektor CMS

You don’t use a regex for it, you read the text & split on newlines* to get a collection of strings. Which you might then use a regex pattern to isolate stuff which you apply to each line.

* how you do that is going to be specific to what language/environment you are using, but as the thing you want to do is an extraordinary common thing, every language can carry it out with a minimum of fuss