How to remove elements in this array?

Link to the problem:

My code is almost correct but I don’t know how to change it to get the wanted output:

var removeElement = function(nums, val) {
    let arrLength = nums.length;
   for(var i = 0;i < arrLength ;i++){
       if(nums[i] === val){
    var newArrLength = nums.length;
    return newArrLength;

What should I add/change to get the wanted output?
Thanks in advance for the help!


Shift removes the first element in the array. Use nums.splice(i, 1) instead to remove the element at index i. After that, reduce the index i by 1 because you have changed the position of the remaining elements in the array. Setting the length of the array before the loop will give you wrong answer. Instead use for(var i = 0;i < nums.length ;i++)

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Just using the splice was enough ,it accepted my answer at first but now it gives errors for other inputs. Should I reduce the index via a for loop?

Immediately after nums.splice(i, 1) add i--

thx once again man, could I dm you if I struggle with some more of these problems?

You can. Though i can’t guarantee that i will give a quick response. To be helped fast you have to post here on the forum.