How to remove FCC project test module from my codepen

I want to remove the project test button from my project. Because I used the template given on project page I can’t remove it from my own codepen settings? Is there any way or should I recreate my codepen without template?

Hi @VahidPouyafar !

I ran across this github issue that prevents users from removing the test suite.

It looks like you will need to just create a new pen without the template.

Hope that helps!

Hi @VahidPouyafar ,

The test bundle script is “

It can be found in the following path in CodePen:

Settings > JS > Add external scripts/pens

Click on the ‘X’ button next to it and then click on ‘Save & Close’. It should remove the tests from your project.


Ohh… I see.

They just moved it from html settings to js.

Sneaky FCC :laughing:

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@manjupillai16 @jwilkins.oboe Nope! the link to the test module is not present in my own codepen settings because my own codepen is created using another FCC’s codepen as a template so the external link to test module must be deleted from FCC’s original codepen!

If you are not able to remove it, then you can just create a new pen and transfer your code over there like I suggested earlier.

I was able to remove the bundle from the path mentioned above even through the CodePen template (the Settings button is on the top right of the screen and not inside the CodePen menu). Had to click on ‘Run’ as well after removing the script to see the change.

But I guess if it’s not visible, the other way to do it would be to follow @jwilkins.oboe 's suggestion.

note that if it’s the project you have submitted, or that you will submit, the test suite has to be included. It’s part of the requisites for the projects.

ive seen different ways people have integrated the FCC tests into their codepen projects so you gotta figure out which way your pen has it. Ive seen it in the html body, the JS, the scripts sections and whatnot :slight_smile:
Im sure if you give a link to your pen, someone can easily track the test suite

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