How to remove unused CSS to optimize web page?

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I am working on a custom website for a Shopify development company named Swishtag on WordPress and using Salient Theme (Premium). I have made some custom changes in theme and added some animation at the home page. Form then, Google is continuously warning me to remove unused CSS to load the page faster. I am unable to understand how to remove that CSS code.

if you are using premium theme, then you should ask in premium support.
unsure who is Google warning you to do that, but it all depends on what is theme built.

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how can I share the URL here so that you can verify yourself and give me some solution.
I am talking about Google page speed insight statistics

we are not allowed to help with themes you stole.

if you didnt steal it, ask in premium support.

i have premium theme, not stolen. Just was asking for help to optimize page loading speed.

here is the [link]( to Swishtag

please have a look

Google " How to remove unused CSS to optimize web page

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