How to report cheating


I was recently notified by Github that someone forked one of my project code repositories. At first I thought that was cool, and I checked out the fork. Unfortunately, it turns out that another FCC camper has copied one of my projects and submitted it as their own (they only changed the Readme). How should I go about reporting this? The user in question has completed the course and been awarded a certificate based on my work.

You can report to @QuincyLarson for academic dishonesty.

@Motardo Did they literally fork it through GitHub? I ask because if I were a potential employer, I would look for things like that and this person would be disqualified. If they copy/pasted the code, it would be more difficult to notice.

I guess my point is that I look at fCC as a system to help me learn. A system where the certificates are not worth much because getting them is based on the honor system and it’s easy to cheat. So, after completing a fCC certificate, I’ll know enough to prove to someone that I can do the work they need. If one cheats, they won’t have that knowledge and will only have the relatively worthless certificate.

That’s a good perspective. This said, we do enforce our Academic Honesty Policy aggressively, and catch people cheating all the time. We’re working on better ways to programmatically catch cheaters, and make cheating even harder.

Considering that even universities with paid professors/TAs have lots of trouble with cheating, this will be an uphill battle, but it’s one we’re fighting.


I sent a message with the details to Quincy

@camper they basically forked it and imported it into glitch, then exported from glitch to their own github repository, so my commit history was wiped out. An employer looking at their commit history would see just see one commit with 95 complete new files and another commit updating the README, so I guess it looks pretty bad.

I just had the same thing happen to me :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting this. I’m investigating and will reply to your direct message.