How to resubmit a project solution

I was just finishing the JavaScript Course when I had a problem with the “Cash Registry” tests and when I console.log() I found my self with the {status : “OPEN” , change:[ [ Object ] ]} ,I thought that is the website problem so I searched for a solution on internet to check, but I didn’t understand what make my code wrong, so I tested the code that I found, it worked but unfortunately, I need to send mine according to the academic honesty policy; however I didn’t see any option to do it. So I wish that you can find a solution to my problem.

Once you run the tests and the tests pass succesfully, you get a success modal. To submit (or submit again) a solution, you need to press the “Submit and go to next challenge” button in that modal

Thanks but when I did it, it doesn’t change anything on the certificate project solution page.

are you writing the new code, and then pressig the “Submit and go to next challenge” button? it’s really important you press the submit button

Thanks, I contact the support and they help me to replace the code.

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