How to Run Google App Engine in Fedora using python

This article covers step by step guide to install Google App Engine on your Fedora Operating System using python.

  • Follow the steps in this documentation by Google.

Testing the application as given in the above document may not work for many.

So, try this as given by Brice Lin.

Also, follow the deployment strategy as provided by Brice Lin. To do this open another terminal (if you wish).

  • Before deploying, you have to create the project in the Google Cloud Platform. Follow the steps from Uploading the app
  • But still following the above deployment strategy may not work for many. And an error like this may follow:

ERROR An error occurred processing file '': HTTP Error 400: Bad Request Unexpected HTTP status 400\. Aborting. Error 400: --- begin server output --- A version or backend parameter is required. --- end server output ---

This error occurs because of the missing Version statement in file app.yaml . So add version: 1 in the app.yaml file in the application repository. Here, helloworld is the repository. Now it will work. Happy Coding & Making Application.

Don’t forget to check this link out: Developing and deploying an application on Google App Engine on Youtube.