How to run Tests on projects

How do I run the tests on my projects? I just finished developing my Tribute page on codepen and added the suggested external js to run the tests. I also selected Babel as my JavaScript Preprocessor but I have no idea what to do next.

I was expecting to see a pop-up dialog to select my project and the tests but nothing happened.

Am I doing something wrong?


Man I also want to know how to do that, change the tag to General, so that more people can read this post.

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Edit: Problem solved

Here's what you need to do, include this script in your JS and set the JavaScript preprocessor to Babel

The hamburger icon appears at the top left corner and you can click on it to run tests.
Hope this helps.


That worked fine… tnx.
However, I still have 2 errors that don’t seem to be fixed although everything checks out!

Hello, is this still valid?
I did this and nothing happened. No incon popped out for me to run test.

Never mind.
I just figured it out.

  1. Add this to HTML column:
    script src=“
  2. Set javascript preprocessor to Babel.

And that test window on the top left corner showed up!