How to save my code/work in scrimba?

Hi guys,
I know, newbie question, I’m pretty intuitive, but can’t seem to figure this out myself and it bugs me.
When I’m using Scrimba to work my projects, I’m at a loss as to how to get it to save my code.
It only seems to save it when I close the tab. If I close the browser, I lose my changes.
No (typical save feature, or other that I can find) and no helpful info on any screen.
Nothing helpful for beginners in any documentation. (I get it, Scrimba is made for the more experienced developer perhaps)
I’m playing around with Scrimba and CodePen to try and get used to them.
Just asking.
Thanks, in advance.

Hi again,
Are there any coders around who have any advice for trying to work with Scrimba for my practice as well. I seem to be missing the idea on how to get my work to save itself.
I see no menu options or the typical ctrl-s save. No good documentation and no help from videos. I guess I just miss the idea on how to save my work, lol, or should you be using Scrimba only for screencasts (which I am not doing). I’m only using it like the CodePen screens.
I’ve tried running the q’ past them, but have not gotten a response that helps.
This is really an easy question.

If you click on the option wheel on the right-bottom of the page, you can download the file as a zip, idk if there is a way to save it directly on scrimba