How to save my work into a file or github

Is it simply a copy and paste? If not, Is there any video to show step-by-step how to save our code into a file or Git?

Thank you

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Hi @honorhomesolutions and welcome!!

You can create a repository directly in GitHub naming like this:
honor-portfolio-page or landing-page, using camel case and hiphens.

Set as Private or Public, as you want.

Then GitHub will show a screen with different options, one of them is simply drag and drop your files. GitHub documentation will help you too if you need to learn how to do something specific.

In the freeCodeCamp News section you will find two articles searching for How to use Git and GitHub.

There are many options now: you can search for using Git and GitHub from Visual Studio Code, for example. Landing page and tutorial. Or use a Git interface (GUI) or GitHub interface (GUI).

To learn Desktop or Command Line Git git-tower tutorial is good, they have their own software but you don’t need to use it, the tutorial is good for both cases GUI and command line.

Git official page has Pro Git ebook for free if you like to read and learn git in deep. And GUI clients. The only thing you should be aware is Master in some tutorials nowadays is Main. MDN Web Docs and W3Shools have they own tutorial or information too.

IMPORTANT Note: read this in case you want to use a private email in your commits. Setting your commit email address

There are more resources, so if you need something in particular just ask again.

I hope this helps, happy coding!

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Thank you very much for your reply. I appreciate!!! :+1: :grinning:

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