How to save progress

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Very new to this community - started with HTML

How do I save the challenges?

Thank you

Hi Gloe,
If you are referring to the challenges in the curriculum, it is enough to submit a challenge after you solved it. FCC will remember your progress for the next time.

Hope that helps.

Thank you alirezaghey.

Once I submit the challenges and log out, what would I click to start where I left off at?

Hi @Gloe !

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As mentioned, FCC saves your progress when you submit the challenge.
But you also have the option to download your solution.
Some people like to download their solutions and look at them later.

When you log back in, then it will leave off where you started from.

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Thanks guys for the fast response, that info is very helpful. I can see my account information and progress now. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@jwilkins.oboe @alirezaghey


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