How to save the data?!

Guys do you know how to save the data to local machine and then again get that data and use that in your project?!

you have not given enough infos to know what you want to do, so these are noth plausible solutions

  • you may need to look into file writing and file reading
  • you may need to look into a server/database
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I am not sure if i got you correctly. In my day-to-day, i am working with data from DB and other sources, and handle them with python. I saved the data to local machine via csv files.

Hi @DavidHula I guess you may have the knowledge regarding computer hardware. The query raised by you is sufficiently incomplete, in order to post an accurate advice (cause freecodecamp doesn’t want their programmers to be just spoilers!).

The thing which I know is that you are taking data inputs using .db and many other files and doing stuffs with python. Now your query seems to me as though, you are saving those data in csv files. But my question is, then what is the problem? You are saving data in csv files which is a good choice.

I would recommend you to save your data in .db files using sqlite3 module to write and perform sql queries. Even to have a visual workbench for it, you may download “DB Browser (SQLite)”.

I hope this answer satisfies your intuition.
Happy Coding Mate!

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