How to see start date of a course?

Pretty simple just the title question I tried to use the timeline but it doesn’t go further back enough, thanks. Also is there an expected hours/weeks to complete each course thanks.

No, you can complete the courses at your own pace. There are no time constraints on any of the courses. The timeline on your profile indicates your own progress through the curriculum, in that it displays how many challenges/steps you complete each day. You could complete 1 step per week or a 1000 steps per day. It’s entirely up to you!

Sounds good but there isnt any way I can look further back than the timeline? Mine only goes as far back as 22nd.

I think it only goes back as far as the date on which you registered on the site.
EDIT: Actually, not quite the case, as I registered in July 2020. But there will be nothing to see on the timeline anyway, if you haven’t completed any challenges prior to your date of registration.
You can see when I started completing challenges… the brighter squares are days on which I completed a greater number of challenges.

Makes sense thanks so much.

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