How to select all adjacent elements except the one hovered using javascript?

I am trying to create a social sharing box. Here is my code so far…

When I hover on one of the icons I want the fill color of the rest of the icons changed to the color present in the data-color atrribute.

I tried to do something like this = element.dataset.color in javascript but it changes the color of all the icons. Is there any way to select all the icons except the hovered one?

I made it work
What I did is created an array containing all of the icons and during mouse hover event I filtered the array to exclude the hovered item.
Check the codepen link above to see working code.

Meaning you don’t want the rest of the icons to change the color?

OR you want all icons to have the same color?

As you can see in the code the icons are nothing but inline svg.

Basically what I want is when I hover on one of the icons the fill color of rest of the icons (except the one I’m hovering) change to the color present in data-color attribute.

@snigo I found a way. Thanks anyways!