How to serve a fcc project using ngrok and get test pass

I use ngrok for fcc course and stuck. All the requirement have passed but fcc keep telling me that my solution isn’t fit. I thought maybe about ngrok warning page but doen’t know how to tell fcc client to get pass that.

If it is for the certificate projects then they have to be online. You can’t have them locally they need to remain available online (not just when your system is reachable).

You can use Replit or Glitch, or some other free hosting like Render.

If it is just for the challenges, you do not need ngrok. They accept localhost.

Isn’t ngrok suppose to serve my local project into online world ?
Replit is very slow so I try to clone a github to do it on my machine. Guest I have to go back to replit.

Yes, but is your PC going to be running forever? Will the project be reachable night and day forever from now (I know forever is hyperbolic but you get my meaning)?

The point is, the certificate projects need to be available at all times. So they can be checked if needed.

You can code it locally (using localhost) and after it is passing all the tests just make a Replit for the final submission.