How to set Generate_ENV_JS in a windows 10 environment variable?

Which terminal emulator? Current versions of Windows use Powershell, so you do


To set it for the current session

If you’re using cmd, then


Then run your webpack-dev-server command as normal

thank you . but still same error .

If that’s a new screenshot, then that’s exactly the same thing you were running before so you’ll get the same error. You need to set the variable then run the command, you can’t set the variable on the same line like you can on a Unix system

You may have to use WSL

Using cross-env seems to work. I didn’t really test it but it did run. Install it as a dev dependency and change the start script.

"start": "cross-env GENERATE_ENV_JS=1 webpack-dev-server --mode development"

Thank you for the solution .

Now look at this .

When i run it into local host then it shows like this

please assist.

It can’t find the things you’re trying import, so I assume the import declarations you have in those files are incorrect.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was more issues with Windows. As you are running Windows 10 I would suggest trying WSL.

Not sure if this is related or a fix (I didn’t test it)