How to share exercises to githug

Good morning you all! Is it possible to share the exercises made in free code camp to our GitHub pages? If so, how can I do this? I noticed today that the codes in the exercises are not saved and was wondering if it’s possible to save then somehow.

Certainly. You can create a local folder for your exercise code, make a git repo, and push your code up to github. There is no automatic saving to github of your code though, it’s something you have to do.

That being said, when I started out, I thought it was important to save this code. Now I wonder why I bothered. I suppose I did gain something from it - I learned the basics of git and got a presence on github. That is a good thing, but in all fairness, I will probably never look at that code again, for the same reason that I don’t reread my spelling tests from the third grade.

But yeah, learning the basics of git and github - those are good things. There are plenty of videos about how to create a repo and push it to github.

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