How to skip answers in exercises

Hi everyone,

First, thanks a lot for all this wonderfull free materials !

I would like to know if there is a way to skip the answer of exercises in this course cause it’s almost impossible not to see them when doing exercises…


What do you mean by being able to see the answers?

I got the jupyter notebooks files corresponding to exercises and lessons with the github repository dedicated to the course, in the exercises files, you’ve got questions, just below each, a blank cell where to put your code to answer and just below that the code for the answer.
The fact is it’s almost impossible to read the question without viewing the answer at the same time, a pity…
I’m wondering if i missed something to hide the answer when doing the exercises

Are you talking about some of the external material used in the Python sections? If so, freeCodeCamp is working on their own, project-based, curriculum for Python.

I’m talking about the Data Analysis with Python course.

I’ve kind of solve the problem, if you do everything with keyboard shortcuts and you don’t erase the comment that says your code here, you can naviguate from question to question without seing the answers, it’s kind of a good training for doing without your mouse indeed !

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