How to solve real world problems

hello guys,
I have been learning javascript on freecodecamp for a while now and it has really been fun.But I am having a problem being able to solve real world problems with what I have learnt so far as I am only limited to the problems freecodecamp gives me to solve.What do y’all think?Or I should probably keep going for now?

Hi @olasunkanmi !

Can you expand on what real world problems you are struggling to solve?

yes yes thanks.
I meant in terms of questions like leetcode challenges and all

I don’t know if I would consider leetcode “real world problems” but rather your typical technical interview questions. :grinning:

But if you are struggling with leetcode, it is possible that you are not as familar with computer science basics like linked lists, recursion, binary search trees, etc.

Maybe brushing up on those concepts will give you more confidence to solve those types of problems.


that comes with practice
if you are stuck in solving a problem, don’t look at the solution, but ask for help, in that way you can get hints on how to reach the solution

keep practicing, and you will be able to solve more stuff

ah my bad.not those real problems lol
but thank you,i would keep practicing.

Thnk you very much.I will more questions henceforth.Look forward to it :grinning:

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