How to solve this puzzle?

function isDivisible(n, x, y) {
  let answer = n;
  let optionOne = answer / x;
  let optionTwo = answer / y;
  if(optionOne === y && optionTwo === x){
    return true;
  return false;

I pass 3/4 tests for this problem:

I just don’t know what I could add so it can pass the last test. All help appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


because for example if we call the function with n = 18, x = 6, y = 9

first line you have let answer = n so now answer equals 18

then let optionOne = answer / x; so it is 18 / 6, so optionOne is 3
with same thing, optionTwo is 2

now you check

if(optionOne === y && optionTwo === x)
which results as false, so at the end your function returns false

the logic doesn’t seem sound.

you need to change approach.

how would you check logically and with maths? without writing the code, what steps would you do to manually check if that number is divisible by those numbers?

you may want to take a look at the % operator instead