How to speed up rusty skills

I been out of work for the last 6 months and finally found work, while I use to do a tech test I realized I have forgotten many things e.g CSS, Sass etc. I was shocked but now I landed a job how can I practice all my skills as the already skills I know seem to be a boring task to go over and over again.

If you have a job, and want to expand your skills I suggest taking on a side project with a focus on pushing the limits of what you know, and possibly improving the quality of your work.

This includes stuff like using newer technology that you aren’t already using, or branching out and improving on other parts of what you work on. This not only will give you some time to review what you already know, as you should build on it, but also open you up to newer things that may or maynot be helpful.

Best case scenario you improve your current work so its less “boring”, learn something you can apply at work to improve your work, and find the entire experience an enjoyable learning experience.

By using the knowledge. If you do not use something knowing how to use it serves little purpose so your brain just throws it out to make “room” for other stuff.

Web dev knowledge isn’t about taking pop quizzes, it’s used to build stuff which is how you retain the knowledge.

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