How to start back up again after hiatus

So I just got done with my first semester for my Computer Science degree. I am trying to pick up FCC again, and want to complete the Front end certification section before September. Last time I left off I was working on the Random Quote Generator. I picked the project back up but now it seems like I have gaps in my knowledge. How do y’all approach picking this back up after being away for bit? Should one start from the beginning or just try to hack the pieces of knowledge together as you pick back up where you left off. Any tips or strategies are appreciated! Thanks in advance!

I always prefer starting from scratch. It’s relatively fast and certainly saves more time in the long (even short) run.


I think it Ian different for each person. You could start by hacking together the quote generator and see if things come easily to you, but I also think that repeating basic instruction can help solidify knowledge making the project faster in the end. There’s. I wrong way, juts don’t rush through and try to take shortcuts

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I think it’s best to just try and hack the pieces of knowledge together. Look online for help with projects. If you start over every time you have a little lay off or run into a road block then you’ll take a long time to move forward. You’ll fill in the gaps as you go.


I’ve done this a few times. I like to start from scratch too. But each time ‘scratch’ is somewhere slightly in front from the last time.

For instance I’ve read the YDKJS book series in the past. But I re-read ‘Scope and Closures’ again this week and really feel like I got it this time around. If I had of skimmed through and sort of said ‘yeah yeah scope I get it, or hoisting I get it’ I would’ve missed out.

Can’t remember where I read it, but I came across the concept of an ‘Active Vocabulary’ vs ‘Passive Vocabulary’. Often I’ve understood something but only in theory. The more practice the better.

Getting back up to the point of the quote machine won’t take crazy long and you would’ve got more practice and will feel better moving forward.