How to start?(freshman year)

Hey, I am an engineering college freshman with computer science major and i don’t know how to start i have mostly covered c but i am at a loss what to do next,until this point in time only things i focused on were calculus and physics for clearing the entrance exams ,NOW i am at aloss what to do and how to do?

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Talk to your department advisor. In your first year (or two) you probably won’t have a lot of choices. You’ll be taking your required courses. By the time you get to make significant choices in your CS courses, you’ll probably feel pretty confident in them but if not, that exactly what your advisors are there for.


Definitely talk to your advisor as mentioned above. Don’t worry too much about everything at the start, just focus on getting good grades in your courses. Doing well in school should come before anything else at this point.

If you have free time and want to further your learning, completing the freeCodeCamp curriculum in order is a great way to get familiar with a wide variety of technologies and will give you a good idea of what kind of coding you want to focus on.

Good luck!

i have asked them and they have also guided me on a few things but it’s just the thing that i want an opinion of a working professional who has gone through the process in recent times most of my professors were done with their majors about 15-20 years ago so even though they were learning the ground reality can only be given by a programmer who has joined a company say 2-3 years ago aur 5 to be the most

What are your specific goals? Do you know what path you would like to take? Are you getting into actual engineering, or a computer science based field? If it’s computer science related, are you interested in front-end development, back-end development, or full-stack? Or something totally different?

It really depends on which direction you want to go.

The professors are the experts on navigating your time at college.

As someone who is a working professional and who earned their CS degree in the last decade, I am still saying your best resource is your advisors. If there are specific topics that you want to study or focus on, then only the people at your school can tell you which courses will be offered that align with that goal. If you don’t have a specific focus, then they can give you good general advise about which courses are the most broadly useful. As you continue your degree and have more elective options available to you, choose courses that are interesting to you. If they are all equally interesting, then choose the one that has the instructor you like the best.

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