How to Start this Web App?

Hey campers, I pissed by thinking the things which I’m going to write down below. I know you all are professionals coders/students, one or more than that of you will help me out to get out of this trouble.
I have to make a web app which will store/display of Cruises of major destinations. These destinations are divided into categories like “Cruise Type”, “Cruise Destinations” and “Cruise Date”. There will be itineraries which will show up with every search or by using navigation menus. I’m uploading some screenshots of wireframes here, please have a look at them and try to grab what I wanted to achieve. Guys the problem is I’m learning Angular JS and Materialize CSS to. But the biggest question is Can i make the web app using these two technologies or I should have to use another framework or Back End Framework too to achieve the functionality.
Please, please, please help me out, I’m out of time and I don’t have any experience in Angular JS or any other Front End JavaScript frameworks. I started to learn and I’m sure I’ll able to learn it fully within 1 month. I should also have to finish this project within same time period.
Please give me some valuable suggestions, resources, links or anything which you can so that I can decide and quickly start building it. I will be really very grateful to all you. Ask me here or send me a message if you want to know more, but please help me.

Thank you very much for replying me. I do not need to store data from front end and then to display that data in other few places, all I need is a place to fetch data from and I think I can achieve that if I used a Database or Services API. I just need to load the data from that database to the front end. Can you help me out to know this in a better way or suggest your curriculum/ friends, colleagues who can do the same?