How to start without knowing anything about programming

Hi everyone, I have 23 yro and I actually wants to start in this world of programming and Im really interested in learning Full-Stack and DevOps, but also know that I need to have some bases and it will be so helpfull if anyone can give me some guide about how to start and what path i can actually take to try to undersatand everything correctly.

Have a nice day everyone, hope anyone can reply to me.

Do you have any programming experience at all, messed around with code in a game, write macros in Excel, anything?

Basically start writing code is a good way to start… As a kid I learned what I could get my hands on for free (qBasic, Java), now you have access to a lot more. Once you see your code write Hello World on the screen your adventure has begun.

Why don’t you try starting here with the first web design course if you might have an interest in web developement. A course like this is nice because you don’t need to setup your computer in any way and can start playing around with code immediately. It might be a little confusing without at least some background as it doesn’t go deep into how code works, but can’t hurt to try.

Start here, see how it sticks, and if you have further concerns ask questions. Even if you don’t want to be a web developer, as everything is online these days, knowing the basics of how websites work would always be a useful skill.

No I haven´t have any experience before so, what is the name of the freecocamp course you recommend to start with to look for? Thank you a lot for reply me.

Give it a try:) Below is the first intro course.

Keep in mind I’m of a just-do-it mindset, others may chime in with more and possibly better advise, possibly some pre-reading or something, as I never really had to start from scratch. This is a good knowledgable group.

Thank you a lot i will try to start with it, hopefully i’ll learn and start my career in programming have a nice one

FWIW, I started in 2020 with no knowledge of programming/coding at all (didn’t even know what an HTML tag was).

I’ve been working through the curriculum here from top to bottom and it’s not only a well-designed learning curve but it allows me to work at my own pace, fitting it around my crazy life. I’m on my 7th certification now and still going strong!

You will no doubt need to use Google a lot, as well as stackoverflow, MDN Web Docs, w3schools and many other reference resources as you go. This forum is also an excellent resource if you’re completely stuck on anything.

Happy Coding!

yes your steps are :<

1 . html
2 . css
3 . jquery
4 . crud php
5. ajax
6. reactJS

then its best for your career and also reactJS is the part of facebook so its best language as rather then angular and laravel

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