How to stop monthly donations?

How to stop monthly donations?
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I started donating $3 every month to and it’s auto-drafted from my paypal account. I want to put this on pause while I am currently trying to save money, can I cancel the monthly donations? If so, how do I accomplish this? I’ve looked everywhere in my settings and I don’t see any option to stop or cancel the donations. Thanks!


Not sure if you can change this on But you can change it in your paypal account:

Go to: Settings > Payments > Previously accepted payments (or something like that). Then click the payment to freecodecamp and click “Cancel”.

Just found the “correct” way:
You should be able to stop the donation here:


that doesn’t help, there’s no option on the commit page to select to commit nothing. This is for the standard $3 donations to freecodecamp, not the commit fundraising.


And I don’t want to have to cancel the recurring payment every time it occurs through paypal either.


According to,-subscription,-or-automatic-billing-agreement-i-have-with-a-merchant-faq1067, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Profile (the gear icon) on the top right corner of the page.
  3. Click Pre-approved payments under “Payment settings”.
  4. Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel, and click Cancel.
  5. Follow the instructions to cancel the agreement.

Cancel Reoccuring Donations
How to stop my monthly donation

Just to add to @NealVanMeerbeek’s detailed instructions, you can also follow this link directly and manage any recurring payments or donations you have set up in PayPal:

Please don’t donate any money you can’t afford to donate. Good luck with your finances, and thanks again for supporting the freeCodeCamp nonprofit community.