How to stop the cursor from blinking in the freecodecamp editor

I found this old question in the forum, but it was already closed. I know many people find a blinking cursor just as annoying as me, so here are two workarounds:

In the “Responsive Webdesign” course, click into the “Step xx” box, and the cursor disappears. Easy.

In the “Code” console of the “Java Script Algorithms” course, the cursor constantly blinks. Annoying as hell. Hold the “Instructions” button in the upper left corner until the usual drop-down menu “Open in new tab etc” appears. Then tap again lightly on the “Instructions” button to make the drop-down menu go away. The blinking cursor will disappear too, until you tap anywhere on the page.

In this forum, simply double click one word as you would usually do, I guess.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


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