How to store float variable into another variable

Suppose a = 3.91900007534.
In C language, I want to store the value of the variable a in another variable, r, up to two decimal places, such that r = 3.92.
Note that I don’t want to print the value up to two decimal places, I just want to store the value as I need the exact value of r for the next operation.**

I haven’t used C/C++ in quite a while so I’m assuming there is no rounding function provided by any of the default libraries that will help you do this?

One way you can do this manually is:

  • multiply the original number by 100
  • add 0.5 to that product
  • truncate any decimals so you are left with just an integer
  • now divide that integer by 100

You should now have the original number rounded to two decimals.

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